Let’s meet our club officers for the term 2016-2017

”We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders”. This is the Toastmasters mission and the recently elected Club Executive Team of Toastmasters Bratislava will strive to bring it into reality during the upcoming period  July 2016 – July 2017.

Club officers are those active members who ensure that everybody who comes to Toastmasters will feel that his or her Toastmasters experience is worthwhile. Each of these officers has certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to support the club.

Our 7 brave club officers – president Lukáš, vice president for education Soňa, vice president for PR Petra, vice president for membership Mirec, sergeant of arms Andrej, treasurer Csilla and secretary Majka will jointly take care of tasks such as:

  • Organizing regular meetings and preparing the venue
  • Ensuring the roles are taken and people know what to do
  • Registering new members and collecting membership fees
  • Mentoring
  • Administering club Facebook page and communicating with club members and public
  • Organizing events such as Christmas party, club contests, Drive weekends and other
  • Making video recordings from meetings

TMBA officers

Let’ s get to know our new club officers better. Who are they, why they decided to become officers and what they expect to bring to the club?

Lukas Pres.Lukáš Červeňan, President:

“I have come to my first meeting almost two and a half years ago and I immediately saw how significantly it could help me or anyone else. One of the greatest things about Toastmasters is that you start to gain the big benefits once you decide to give a little of your time, by contributing to this community of few hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. I see the role of a president mainly as a mediator between higher organizational structures, team officers and team members. My main focus for the next year is to reintroduce the concept of active mentoring in our club and to have fun doing it!”

Sona VP EDSonya Michlíková, VP Education and former president:

“Although I work in IT company, I love to speak and be in contact with people so when I discovered Toastmasters I was in heaven 😉 I enjoy meeting people, helping them to discover new ideas and capabilities, I love to have fun and good laugh, share knowledge and support what Toastmasters offer. I have already held role of VP for Membership and President of club. I decided to become VP for Education. This idea was lurking somewhere in my mind for quite long time. My role is to help everyone with progressing on speaking level, making sure that people receive support in working on manuals and those who want to compete in competitions will have space to practice and compete. It is also my responsibility to ensure that meetings are organized and people are enjoying them. I want to speak to every member about their ideas of progress and evolution of their speaking career and with Lukáš and others we want to restart mentoring.”

Petra VPPRPetra Brlayová, VP PR:

“I have been with Toastmasters for 4 years (although with some breaks). I decided to go for an officer role because working as an officer motivates me to stay active in the club and go regularly to the meetings 🙂 I think that if you want to get better at something (e.g. communicating skills), you need to create a habit out of this activity. My habit is stronger when I feel committed to my role. I am a big fan of TM and it makes me incredibly happy to see how this club has helped several people to become more confident when speaking in public and communicating ideas. Moreover, it feels good to spend time with like-minded people who want to grow. My goal as VP PR is to make people more engaged in the club and attract newcomers by promoting the club publicly. I want to bring more life to our Facebook and website and also to help create stronger membership community through better internal communications and more activities even out of common meeting setting.”

Mirec VP MMiro Melo, VP Membership:

“I knew about Toastmasters for some time and I have decided to join a club at the beginning of this year. I was immediately caught by the positive and friendly atmosphere in Toastmasters Bratislava club as well as by the quality of speakers. And that was the reason, why I have applied for officer role? I wanted to support and contribute to the things I like on this club, so that the current and the future members can enjoy the same pleasing experience, as I do. As a Vice President for Membership, I would like to further enhance this experience and support our members in utilizing of all the opportunities a Toastmasters membership has to offer. And of course, to motive our guests and other people who want to become better speakers and leaders in joining one of the best places to do so, our Toastmasters Bratislava club!”

Andrej SoAAndrej Lippay, Sergeant at Arms:

“I am always eager to learn and enhance my public speaking skills. I accepted the nomination in order to gain a better exposure on the TM as an organization and also to challenge myself to a new role. I would like to bring my expertise from previous leadership positions that I have held in the past.”

Maria Secr.Mária Černová, Secretary:

“I am a sociable person who likes meeting new people, experiencing and learning new things and I am happy to experience this during Toastmasters meetings. Being an officer is a kind of motivation for me. It maintains a good relationship with other club members and motivates me to build up on my personal growth. I hope to bring to the club a good energy and feeling of friendly and warm atmosphere for other members and newcomers and a sense that personal growth helps in a real life and doesn’t cost much.”

Stay tuned for our next activities and keep crossing your fingers for the TMBA club! 🙂