Toastmasters Bratislava

What is our mission

Everything what we do is aligned with our club mission. We want people who come to our meetings to feel that they come to a safe, motivational and friendly place, where they can use many opportunities to speak and improve their presentation, listening and leadership skills.

“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”

How the Toastmasters Bratislava was born

Toastmasters Bratislava was founded in 2008 by its first President, Klaus Hammer. Klaus first joined Toastmasters when he was working in Prague. Back to Bratislava, he felt that something similar was missing in the city. With other enthusiasts, he then started the first Toastmasters club in Slovakia.

Since then, the attendance on the meetings has raised significantly. Today we regularly count up to 40 attendees – ranging from guests or brand new members to experienced ones. With over 50 members, the club is now a community of people who regularly meet and improve not only their lives but also the lives of others.

When and where do we meet

Meetings start at 19:00 sharp so feel free to come even earlier to order a drink or food. There are some members present already at 18:30 and they are ready to introduce you the agenda and structure of the meeting.

We meet on Mondays in a beautiful, cosy place called EduCafe where we dedicate to the development of our communication and leadership skills. After the meeting, we like to stay and chat :).

Mondays: EduCafe, Robotnícka 5, Bratislava (map)

In case you want to practice your presentation skills in Slovak language, come to Slovenskí Toastmaster.

Meeting point of “Slovenskí Toastmasters” here

What to expect during the meeting

During a meeting, you will see several people coming on the stage. That´s because there are so many opportunities to speak. Meetings are structured and they are divided into 3 key parts:

  • Session of prepared speeches
  • Session of Table Topics (or impromptu speeches)
  • Session of evaluations (giving feedback to the speakers)

When you come to the meeting, you will first see the Chairperson who will run a short introduction round to know the names of attendees. The Chairperson will remind us our club mission and maybe ask a simple question.

The whole meeting is moderated by a Toastmaster of the Evening, who will lead us through an agenda. She or he will introduce all the roles and speakers.

Usually there are 1-4 prepared speeches of various levels, from Icebreakers (that´s the very first speech new members will deliver) to advanced speeches. Speakers will deliver their speeches following a special manual containing a set of projects. Each project equals one speech and there are certain goals to fulfill (e.g. to use vocal variety, to make your body language smooth, to make people laugh etc.).

The speeches are then evaluated by evaluators who will give concrete feedback. You will learn what was done well and what could have been improved so next time the speech will be even better:)

The funniest part is definitely the session with improvisations – this is the Table Topics session led by a Table Topic Master who will ask a question and the chosen brave person on the stage will have a few minutes to answer it. Of course, this short unprepared speech will be again evaluated by a Table Topic evaluator.

As feedback moves us further, we love to evaluate also other aspects of public speaking, such as time, grammar, usage of filler words, listening skills. For this purpose we have specific roles. Timekeeper reports on the time as there are time limits allocated for every speech. Grammarian praises the good usage of English or points out to the mistakes we made. Ah-Counter counts useless words and noises we tend to make, such as “hm, well, so”.  In the end, the whole meeting and all the evaluation roles are then evaluated by the General Evaluator.

Apart from these mentioned roles, there are also other opportunities when you can speak. You may tell some jokes (role of Jokemaster), give a Word of the Day or share some Professional Tip.

Looking forward to seeing YOU

But instead of reading about the meeting, why not to come? Attending a meeting is free when you are a guest with no role assigned yet.

As a matter of fact, you are highly welcome to come to see how we run Toastmasters meetings. We think that it´s always much better to see and hear with your own eyes and ears how the meetings unfold;)