2% Taxes for Toastmasters Bratislava

Toastmasters Bratislava is an enthusiastic non-profit organization dedicated to help individuals build and improve their communication and leadership skills. We are a part of the largest non-profit educational organization Toastmasters International (http://www.toastmasters.org) and we benefit from learning materials developed and proven by over 85 years of experience and millions of individuals that experienced the environment of trust and growth.

If you have not decided on where to give your 2%, please consider Toastmasters Bratislava as a potential candidate. If you want to see what we do and how the society and individuals benefit from our activity , you are welcome to visit any of our regular meetings.

Every Monday and odd weeks on Thursdays you can see us perform and learn.

Steps to donate your 2% taxes


  1. Ask your employer about 2% today (accounting department), he should give you a paper saying how much taxes did you pay for the year 2012
  2. You can easily count 2% of the taxed sum and write it down to papers that your employer will give you. The forms are available here:


There is a colon in your Tax papers to enter the 2% receptor of your choice, please type in our data…

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