Best of the best from July till September

The nostalgic autumn is here and it’s the best time to recall our nice memories from the summer. Although there was summer holiday and officially no school, we learned so many inspiring things that it would be a shame not to share them with more people. A great point about Toastmasters is that one can learn a lot and one can teach others a lot as well:)

Best of the best ideas from our speeches

  • The best way to show your interest is to pay attention (The essence of presence by Mirec)
  • It is the present where you shape your destiny (The essence of presence by Mirec)


  • Sometimes the more you do, the less you achieve. Ask yourself a question – am I investing in the right opportunities? Distinguish the vital opportunities from too many trivial activities. (The Art of Essentialism by Veronika)


  • Sometimes it is not the world you have to change, but only your point of view (The Point of View by Eva).


  • People living in primitive society used to talk a lot about food, because they had lack of it. Now we talk a lot about sex – what does this imply? (Just do it by Robo)just-do-it


One of the regular activities of Toastmasters clubs is to organize a club contest. This time we organized a contest in humorous speeches and improvisations (or in Toastmasters’s jargon – table topics).

Two brave and really advanced speakers Peter and Robo delivered their hilarious speeches that filled the room with wonderful atmosphere and made everyone laugh! One would never assumed that speeches with names as “Death” and “Get your facts” could be full of quality jokes and remarks:)

The whole meeting was smoothly moderated by Bruno and his quick-witted comments enhanced the overall entertaining evening. After the session of prepared speeches and interview with the contestants followed the “sweat-causing” part – improvisations, when six people did not know the topic in advance and they had to come up with a coherent short speech.

We had a good time on positive vibes and we are proud that Peter and Robo will represent our club in the bigger contest taking place in Zilina in October. Let’s see how they will do and keep our fingers crossed for them:) Stay tuned for the next big news!

Huge congrats!


Hilarious winners – Robo as the Best Table Topics Speaker, Peter as the Best Speaker and Bruno the moderator:)


Table Topics contestants

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