The very first club outdoor meeting

Inspired by Slovenskí Toastmasters, we decided to try a similar activity – to organize a meeting in a different venue from our usual one in EduCafe. We love EduCafe, but it was time to experiment a bit as well. On the August 15 we went outdoor:)

We chose Sad Janka Kráľa – the oldest public park in the Central Europe. Although the silly season was in its peak, it did not discourage some people from attending this special meeting:) It took us couple of minutes to meet in one and the same place as GPS coordinates showed different spot in different devices so we started late (ouch). On the other hand, this new meeting set-up proved to be a good choice for a change.

We learnt couple of lessons and as bonus, we practiced new skills:

  • Having a meeting outside means that you really need to speak up. Your voice is spread somewhere in the air and you need to be sure, your audience is able to hear you well. Thus, we had a perfect opportunity to practice our vocal volume:)
  • You need to take a repellent with you. A strong one.
  • It’s better to bring some snacks, biscuits and water and caps (we had almost everything luckily)
  • Sometimes, random people are walking by so you need to get used to this feeling of being observed by total strangers

This choice to go for a new place confirmed that is it’s indeed a good step to change the meeting set-up from time to time. Stay tuned for the next “special meeting” as we already have some ideas 🙂

Pictures speak a thousand words, so here we go:


Table Topics winners Peter and Eva and moderator Bruno:)


Evaluation delivered by Petra


Lukas kicking off the meeting


Tobi having a good time:)