Toastmasters Bratislava clubbin’

One of the goals of incumbent club officers is to support the club culture. It means that we would like to enable the TMBA members and fans to get to know each other better. Being a Toastmaster does not have to limit to activities such as attending regular TM meetings or contests. That’ s why we¬†sometimes go for drinks or tea after the meeting or we organize a totally different activity from speaking.

The very first “offsite” activity or simply named “TMBA clubbing” was shooting ūüôā


Laser warriors in action

Some food for thought – one of the basic rule¬†in this game to follow is this one:¬†“Lasers only go where you aim them…” Aim well and¬†don’t be afraid to shoot:) Like in laser game, your shots are unlimited, but your time is not.


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